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Basket of Canadian Unconventional Oil Producers


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This is a bit of a work in progress but I thought I'd post here with the hope of drawing out some intelligence from those in the know.




Petrobakken I know pretty well.  The rest I'm learning.  The general premise is twofold.  These companies have a lot of leasehold in resource plays on which they have no production and little booked reserves.  The market doesn't seem to value that leasehold until the production starts.  I think there is a lot less risk of there not being value in the land than the market does.


The second part is who EOR (waterflooding/gas injection) may radically change the amount of oil recoverable and thus the value of these companies.


Of course the third part would be oil prices and over the long term I want exposure to oil (although afraid to buy much these days).

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