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CNBC interview - Ron Baron

Guest Bronco

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Guest Bronco

Listening on the way to work and pretty good interview.  Sounds like a little bit of a d--k, but I like the idea of betting on successful people and also the Wayne Gretzky investing (where is the puck going) over the long term.


Maybe someone that is smart (unlike me) can start a thread on LT trends.  A couple he mentioned were health care cost containment (an Apple play I wonder?) and energy (nat gas - making Myth millions). 


I've privately wondered how to make money on the Mexican emigration to the US explosion and how to profit on that.  Housing stocks?  Spanish TV? Healthy mexico food companies?


We could probably build a couple decent threads on these topics and more - better than arguing about how share buybacks will bring back Jesus, or how raising corporate taxes to 60% will balance in budget and create global Eutopia.  May I throw in there the old and tired thread on stoning Sokol with spears and razors. 



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