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More on Andy Kilpatrick's New Book


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my copy came today.

it is quite large.

nice book, best he has done i think.

It is 1 book with 1250 pages and many pictures.

you can see the cover and more info on my web page.


my web site that you cannot see but i can has many statistics.

It shows the city and state of those who look.

It also places a pin in a map that shows the city and country.

It shows what pages are looked at and for how long.

The web site is looked at by people all over the world.

I had some from Moscow Russia.

That means that this site is looked at by people around the world.


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i met daughter Susie Buffett online in 1997.

it was a yellow brker web site.

she was very friendly and helped people with what to do in Omaha.

I thought she was very nice so i arranged a party for her in 1998.

It was a surprise party and Warren came to the party.

it was quite an event with news people from all over came.

i don't know how they found out about the party.

i setup partys in 1999 and 2000.

i met Buffett again at those parties.

i had my  picture taken with Buffett a number of times over the years.


i also met Andy in 1998  and we became friends.

some of the pictures with Warren were taken at Andy's parties.

i have quite a few e-mails from Susie, none from Warren.

i was in 2 movies about Buffetts life.

So thats the story.




again my web site is  marlinsweb.com

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I recently got the new book too - and it is really nicely done.  A great buy for those that appreciate the minutia of what Buffet is up to.  You get a real sense for the insane amount of energy he still has.


It was interesting to read the details of a few of his previously undisclosed Korean equity positions:  "Buffett said that Berkshire had bought shares of Kia Motors Corp., Shinyoung Securities, and Hyundai Steel in Korea earlier but now owned only shares in POSCO.  He personally held one additional Korean stock in his own portfolio."


Has anybody checked out a price chart of Kia Motors recently?  It's, um, up and to the right...


My favorite typo / "damn you auto-correct" moment so far is on page seven where they refer to Michael Milken as "former punk band king".  Rock on.

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