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Value investor conference


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I've been to several of Bob Miles' conferences and recommend them.


As opposed to the other value investing conferences, he usually features Berkshire Hathaway CEOs (this year David Sokol of NetJets and MidAmerican Energy and Bill Childs of RC Willey furniture), value investing book authors (this year Bob Hagstrom), and Morningstar speakers (either Pat Dorsey or Paul Larson). 


The conferences are limited to a small number of people (100 I think) to facilitate networking with the presenters and fellow participants.  I would estimate half the participants are from the United States and half are international (from Canada, Germany, Australia, South Africa, etc).


The conference price (about $1,000) is among the lower prices that I pay for conferences.


Bob Miles is also giving a free Buffett lecture and free authors reception the Friday night before the Berkshire meeting (see link in preceding post for more information).


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I too have been to several of Bob's conferences when they were in LA for the timing of the Wesco meeting. 


Due to the recent buyout, Bob is moving the conference to Omaha as he is now teaching an investment course there.



In all, this is by far one of the better conferences as no one is trying to sell or pitch you anything and the speakers are in the top decile.  Plus as mentioned it is usually limited to 100 persons.





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