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What to make of the unrest in the Middle East--what about Saudi Arabia


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The commentary on the changes/unrest in the Middle East has largely been not talked about the really big issue from an investor's perspective.  What about Saudi Arabia?


Regardless of whether or not unrest in Saudi Arabia is a low probability event (I don't think it's really that low) or whether the unrest leads to either an overthrow of the monarchy or cutting off oil,(probably low probability events) ANY unrest may send oil up by 25 to 75%.  The protesting Shiites in Bahrain may spur their co-religious in the Eastern provinces of Saudi Arabia.


So the question is: how to play it in one's portfolio as a whole and what specific securities will benefit from the tumult?


I honestly do not know.  (I really do not like ETF's and I am not that fond of shorting.  Although given the technical issues with ETF's shorting the double short oil might be the way to go.)

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