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ABH - Horton hears a Who's who?


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I noticed on NASDAQ.com 10 notable holders of ABH common stock:


Prem Watsa (2nd largest holding)

Francois Chou (largest holding)

Perry Corp

Daniel Loeb / Third Point

Leon Cooperman

Third Avenue Value

Paulson & Co.


Michael F. Price

Steelhead Partners


Below is a link to Third Point Capital's quarterly letter. Loeb makes his case for paper companies starting around the bottom of page 2. Pretty interesting read.


I have not done any work yet on ABH but seeing this many smart people on a post-bankruptcy re-org makes me curious. Does anyone on the boards have any insight into this company?  Recent headlines show a c$300 asset sale to shore up the balance sheet and add liquidity. I also see new management coming on board.





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Fairfax was the Debtor in Possession for the bankruptcy.  Chou participated via Fairfax's restructuring.  Its not a value play now. 


Markel are friendly with FFH.  I dont know about the rest.  Probably watched the proceedings and asked to participate in the recap. with FFH.

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