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Free Speech Vs. Censorship: Hotly Debated and "Hacked" As a Result of WikiLeaks

Guest ValueCarl

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what's going on with america, the USA?

I was always a supporter of this great country, but now i suppose to cancel my amazon, paypal, ebay and twitter and etrade accounts. I suppose to cancel my american express, visa and master card.

Where are the american values? Honesty, hard work and freedom? Freedom of Speech?

Is the belief in america justified, considering the facts? Trillions of Debt, corrupt bankers, wrecked


How is your future, america? Where are your visions and your dreams? Being the leader in honesty, hard work and freedom. Being the country where everyone wants to be a citizen of.


The "war" on Wikileaks is what really hit's me, really disappoints me and my friends.


diappointed and angry


your's JoJo1

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