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Wire Taps Remain the Linchpin to the FBI Hedge Fund Raids

Guest ValueCarl

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Guest ValueCarl

Not unlike Federal prosecutors who broke down and weakened Cosa Nostra, or the Italian Mafia at its core, these same criminals will fall in similar manners. The majority will squeal like the pigs they are for more lenient penalties. That will direct law enforcement officials to the pinnacle of their sacred pyramid, assuming some of the undisclosed names weren't a "Sith Lord" already. imo


In the letter, Mr. Bharara noted that the evidence prosecutors had turned over to the defendants included, in addition to the wiretaps of the defendants’ own phones, wiretap applications for phones used by five other individuals.


One of those five individuals is Richard Choo-Beng Lee, a hedge fund trader who has pleaded guilty to insider-related charges in the Galleon case. Mr. Lee, whose guilty plea included an agreement to cooperate with the government, was named last week as a cooperating witness in the new expert-network case involving Mr. Chu.


Another of the individuals is known to be Ali Far, of Saratoga, Calif., a co-founder and managing partner at Far & Lee, a trading firm, and Spherix Capital, a hedge fund. Mr. Far also pleaded guilty in October 2009 to insider-related charges and is cooperating with prosecutors.


The identities of the three other individuals whose phones were tapped have not yet been disclosed, according to Ellen Davis, a spokeswoman for the United States attorney in New York.  



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