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Wilbur Ross: Reinsurers are cheap


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Private capital is telling us that reinsurers are undervalued, but some aren't well-capitalized.  ORH will rise as prices for other reinsurers get bid up.  FFH may take ORH private before long.





Billionaire investor Wilbur Ross said he’s considering buying and combining reinsurance companies with a market value of $1 billion to $2 billion after a drop in the stock prices of carriers around the industry.


“We’re certainly looking,” Ross said today in an interview after a speech at a conference in New York. “There’s an awful lot” of companies with equity of between $1 billion and $2 billion, Ross said, without identifying potential targets.


Consolidation among reinsurers is likely to increase because of a scarcity of capital, Ross, 71, said during his address. Max Capital Group Ltd. agreed to sell itself to IPC Holdings Ltd. on March 2 after investment losses helped push the shares down by about a third in six months of Nasdaq Stock Market trading.

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