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WTM anyone?


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Looks cheap historically and compared to peers, with a price/book value <80%.

On Sept. 2, management said it will repurchase more shares (White Mountains Chairman and CEO Ray Barrette stated, "We continue to pursue many value enhancing opportunities, but at current prices we believe buying back shares is the best use of our undeployed capital for now.")

Must dig a bit more though...

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Alek - not being funny, but how is WTM better than my beloved Loews?


Loews owns CNA which is also at less than 80% book.  Plus I get diversity with various businesses? 



With any capital allocation decision, I would ask myself why invest in A if B is better. 



There may be a compelling argument - I would just like to hear it.

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I prefer LRE but they are at book value. I have to agree with Harry Long that if you want something below book look at CNA Surety. I also have been watching Aspen. Also why not FFH. I will be buying back soon, they are at BV but have done better then WM.

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