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Guest ValueCarl

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Guest ValueCarl

Even while the Rothschild Dynasty of rabble-rouser, trouble makers, whose pro-creator, Mayer Amschel once said, "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes her laws," attempts to skirt onerous fees to gain access back into the US along with its tax dodging and tax cheating affluent client base.


If I were a legislator, I would just say no, to these scoundrels while moving aggressively to collect missing taxes from parts of their US client base who may have been doing so.  >:(  


LONDON, Sept 23 (Reuters) - Anglo-French banking group Rothschild ROT.UL may apply to United States authorities for a private client licence, two sources with knowledge of the matter said, as regulatory burdens on non-U.S. banks mount.


The bank could submit an application to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for a licence to operate in the U.S. within a "few months" one of the sources said.


A spokesperson for Rothschild confirmed the bank is considering the application to enable it to deal with more offshore clients from the U.S, but stressed it would not represent a push into the U.S. wealth management market.



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Guest ValueCarl

I must say that, my children and grandchildren, while even including myself, will never view, "The Wizard of Oz," in the same frame of mind ever again!  ;D


While watching that wonderful documentary detailing so much monetary history throughout the ages, a few thoughts popped up into my head, like, what the hell was a Gold Bug like Schiff doing there, and, how does another "hard currency" supporter, one of the few US patriots in DC, Dr. Ron Paul, a man who would make our founding fathers proud, fit into all of this?


When I think of Paul's gallant although failed attempt to audit that filthy beast from "Jekyll Island," in addition to his most recent legislative plight to "audit Fort Knox" it makes more sense.


These men are hedging their personal finances for what they believe is coming down pike! As the documentary alludes to, a hyper inflationary environment with a demand by "The Banksters" to pay in "gold" at the "end of the rainbow." Paul is concerned that the gold in America has been looted, if not already being "contracted" out due to prior "obligations" already agreed to at Bernanke's "Temple." 


Then I think of Messrs Buffett and Munger, who might even support getting "control" of our own "printing press" for the benefit of "We the People" again. Charlie, not unlike his personal hero, Ben Franklin, would love having "control" of his own printing press! He and Warren would be like pigs in an Omaha pen!


The only thing that would piss them off, however, is the fact that it would be harder for them to extract $15.00 per second from the golden calf they are sucking from where Golden Men across the globe dictate "central banking" policies. 


Other than that, bringing FIAT back to "We the People" at zero interest, might turn them on!  ;)     




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Guest ValueCarl

As trade wars continue to heat up amongst economic super powers, history offers much insight into where they take us next. It will be difficult for Mr. Buffett, and his friends like Mr. Scott, to fire up their airplane engines in order to visit their interests in China, should such draconian measures persist.


The bankers method of inflating the money supply in order trivialize debt(inflate or die), often ends in war where much death, as well as pain and suffering ensues. imo 



27 Sep 2010 14:08

US sets duties on copper pipe from China, Mexico

WASHINGTON, Sept 27 (Reuters) - The United States on Monday set final duties ranging up to 61 percent on hundreds of millions of dollars of copper pipe from China in one of several disputes causing friction between the two countries.


The U.S. Commerce Department announcement came one day after Beijing slapped final duties ranging from 50.3 percent to 105.4 percent on chicken parts from the United States.


Action in both cases came as the House of Representatives is considering a bill this week that would treat China's "undervalued" currency as an export subsidy under U.S. trade law, opening the door for more U.S. duties on Chinese goods.


(Reporting by Doug Palmer; Editing by Sandra Maler)


((doug.palmer@thomsonreuters.com; +1 202 898 8341; Reuters Messaging: doug.palmer.thomsonreuters.com@reuters.net))







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Guest ValueCarl

The point we want to make in this article is that the elite is not firmly in charge of the current economic environment but is rapidly losing control – with various attendant consequences. The unraveling of the system has not only been swift and shocking, its been playing out in real-time over the Internet, which is just about the last place you want a generalized discussion about fractionalized, fiat money and central banking. Why is that? Because every time central bankers propose a monetary fix, ten thousands blogs step up to analyze the preventive medicine and to explain once more how the system really works.

It is no coincidence, as we pointed out just yesterday, that the power elite has set up a banking system with quasi-religious overtones. Central banking is a fundamental dominant social theme for the elite. The power to print money from nothing is the power to play God. But the elite never expected a generalized discussion about how the system worked. The idea was to baffle people with incomprehensible terminology while impressing them with the grandeur and magnificence of the money plants themselves – the great Romanesque temples that have been built throughout the Western world to honor money power.

The whole idea, between the vocabulary and the architecture, was to make the edifice so impressive and incomprehensible that people would simply tune it out, believing it to be somehow "beyond them." But the Internet itself has thoroughly undermined this ploy. Every movement central bankers make, every new scheme, is analyzed not by the mainstream media that can be counted on to present a sympathetic perspective but by a distinctly more hostile crowd with a broad Internet reach.

Of course those who run the current money system are still determined to do so in a way that supports its mystery and asserts its control. The Western system of commerce is foundering right now. By overprinting money for decades, the powers-that-be managed to distort Western economies so badly that price information is virtually useless. Combine this with bailouts, and you have a recipe for continued joblessness as the market itself cannot tell the difference between a going concern and a useless one.





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Guest ValueCarl

A treat for my fellow board members on "Enterprise Corruption." Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!  8)


How Does One Successfully Predict A Speculative Market?

First of all.. one is not supposed to be able to predict a speculative market.  That is why they call it “speculative”.  As was said before, not everyone speculates in a speculative market.  The ordinary hens speculate while the fox and the perfect hens regulate.  For some unknown reason every single fox that has ever “regulated” the henhouse has f-cked it up.  But the truth is the fox doesn’t f-ck it up.  The fox only pretends to f-ck it up.  Then the fox addresses the hens and informs them: “We f-cked up.. and not in your favor.


So, how does one successfully predict a speculative market?


Step #1:


One must take everything one has ever been told, taught, heard, thought, or assumes to be true about the history of the entire world and.. SHRED IT.


Put a sign on the top of that stupid hi-definition television set that says “Liar”.


And the odds are about 95% guaranteed that in almost all cases that sign.. is correct.


Sports is the exception.  That is why sports is so loved by both the fox and the hens.  It seems real.  The game seems fair.  It is real.  The game is fair although the “liar” sign would have been accurate during the “black-sox” “scandal” right around the time of that market crash.  Gather around the radio folks and hand us your wallets.  The fox is a terrific entertainer and the fox is an experienced entertainer.  But the entertainment tends to cost the hens one hell of a lot of money.


So why should the hens shred the fox’s version of history?


Because historically, economic history.. gets no place in history.  History has been and will continue to be recorded just about as accurately as Arthur Anderson counts (counted) money.  History is shredded, cooked, missing, and misrepresented.  History is designed, developed, written and taught (force-fed) to make it appear that the phenomena of something called “globalism” and foreign nation-building and the “outsourcing” of jobs all started.. yesterday.


One cannot understand the future if one cannot understand the past.  The hens are not supposed to understand either.  The hens are not supposed to know the henhouse’s past because the hens are not supposed to know the henhouse’s future.


If the fox actually taught accurate history it would lessen the odds of being able to repeat it.


This is one of the reasons why administrations sign “executive orders” to close history.. to the public.  It is also easier to give the public freedom of speech when you own history.  History is not what actually happened but what the elite and the international banking cartels want societies to think happened.  The revised, edited, and approved version of history reads.. like a bible.  Actual history reads like the Wall Street Journal (before murdoch got his mits on it).



All Politicians Lie; No News There


But if politicians have lied forever, then being “cynical” regarding any point in time throughout history would actually be considered.. sensible.


Preparing foreign nations for outsourcing is one of the most important and best kept secrets that a nation’s government, business, and religious leaders have.


You have got to do an immense amount of lying to continue to lead the world the way the world has been led for the last several thousand years.


History that doesn’t include globalization, industrial revolution, wage-inflation, economics, technology transfers, and labor re-location, is revised history.


Intentional avoidance of these aspects of global economics is why the public is fed a steady diet of pop-culture.


Government cannot globalize effectively without committing a very large amount of revision of history.


Government cannot globalize effectively without committing a very large amount of.. obstruction of justice.


Government cannot globalize effectively without committing a very large amount of.. treason.


The Before & After Game


Altering the perception of “before” or “after” is one of the easiest and most popular ways of revising history to avoid the appearance that industrial and economic treason have been committed.


The history of economic necessity/true demand (monopoly, foreign nation-building, technology transfer, debasement and re-coinage) versus popularized ideological motive (religious persecution, they hate us, they hate our freedoms, etc..) varies in one primary way.


In a time-line of ideological (“tasteful”) history, effect comes before cause.  Reaction comes before action.  Motive, money, commerce and trade are avoided.


Tasteful history is 100% ideology.


Factual history is 100% financially motivated.


Before.. or after?



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Guest ValueCarl

In the year two thousand eight, the 2009 economic crises-stock market crash-occurred as pointed out here. Have we been weakened sufficiently to bow down to these fear mongering, rabble rouser, international elitists who continue practicing age old Hegelianism, or conflict, anti-conflict, synergy, repeat the process, while excluding a fight? 


It's criminal and treasonous while operating without accountability or responsibility.  :( 



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