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Buffett and Jay Z together in an interview


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Guest ValueCarl

After watching these video clips, I am now almost certain that Mr. Buffett will transition from a Rock Star to a Hip hop/Rap Star as the next phase in GEICO commercials! With Caucasians arguably becoming the best rappers in the business today, Mr. Buffett will have a shot at winning the title!  8)  The humility he expressed at not being able to do things that Jay-Z can, was awe inspiring. The very low expectation bar has now been set! Maybe he'll modify that hip/hop "Billionaire" song, "So fricken bad!" At the same time, he can explain how over rated it is, and statistically impossible for mass audiences with "low IQ's."   


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Guest ValueCarl

Chinese billionaires are scarce and more tight fisted than their American counterparts with respect to charity. There are exceptions to the rule, however.


"I want to be a billionaire......so fricken bad!"  :(





Chen Guangbiao, a self-made millionaire and one of the few confirmed guests at the dinner, told Gates and Buffett that he would donate his entire fortune, an estimated $735 million, to charity upon his death, jokingly calling his decision a "nice-to-meet-you" gift for the Americans.

"I don't want to become a slave to my wealth," he told CNN before the event.


Chen, 42, whose parents were poor farmers, now runs a booming renewable resources and recycling business in eastern Jiangsu province. He said he donated most of the $60 million profit his company made in 2009.


"Every dollar I made was with the help of others -- so I want to give it back to society and make my life more meaningful and valuable," he said.



China now boasts at least 189 billionaires (in U.S. dollars), second only to the United States, according to a just-released list by Hurun Report, a Shanghai-based publishing group that specializes in surveying the country's super rich.


Wealthy Chinese seem unwilling to open their purse strings for charitable causes, however.


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