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Ex-Physicist Leads Inquiry into Flash Crash


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this could be interesting. personally, i think this is an issue worth investigating.


".Ex-Physicist Leads Inquiry into Flash Crash




EmailPrint..GRAHAM BOWLEY, On Monday September 20, 2010, 9:28 pm EDT

WASHINGTON — As a doctoral candidate in physics at Princeton two decades ago, Gregg E. Berman spent a year and a half in a laboratory searching through subatomic data for an elusive particle called the heavy neutrino.


Now, from his small office at the Securities and Exchange Commission here, the former physicist is busy completing a similarly painstaking task, supervising a team of more than 20 investigators who have spent the last five months scrutinizing reams of stock-trading data and hundreds of interview transcripts in an effort to figure out why stock prices went into free fall for 20 terrifying minutes on May 6...."




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