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Article in barrons on cisco

Guest Bronco

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Interesting comments by chambers.  He feels billions of the company's cash is trapped overseas.  He favors a small tax on repatriation.  He feels the current tax system doesn't allow for capital to flow freely, hurting US tax revenues, shareholders and job creation.


This article captures perfectly the comments of some of the more brilliant posters on this board.

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Cash trapped outside the U.S. is supposedly also the reason that MSFT is raising additional funds, for dividends or buy-backs, despite the huge cash asset on the balance sheet.    They put asterisks in the sports books to denote when world records in running are wind-assisted - maybe here we need footnotes to denote how much balance sheet cash is inaccessible for various reasons ... or how much it should be discounted to compensate for taxes due if it were repatriated at current rates.

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