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Ron Paul Says, "Show Me the Gold!"

Guest ValueCarl

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Guest ValueCarl



Of course, I'm fairly certain he'll have as much success getting inside the core of these VAULTS, as he did with "auditing the Federal Reserve!"


It's going to take a REVOLUTION starting in November. I shall vote for NEW, LESS TAINTED BLOOD everywhere on ballots!



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Guest broxburnboy

I've never considered myself a right winger in the least, yet of all the political figures and demagogues polluting the airwaves these days Ron Paul stands out as the only one with a logical and consistent set of policies.

I think every American voter owes it to him/herself to read his policy statements on:


Auditing the Fed

Ending the foreign wars

Ending the war on drugs

Breaking up the cartels

Balancing the budget

The role of Gold

Taking personal responsibility and the separation of Church and State

Ending the hatemongering on the airwaves, rejection of cronyism


The mainstream media consistently tries to marginilize him, but his views are becoming more popular as people reel in their emotional reactions and look for solutions.




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Guest ValueCarl

Indeed. To not examine the "MAGNITUDE" of what Paul has been saying along with his attempts to accomplish meaningful change, while comparing and validating those with "historical facts," will result in people across the GLOBE getting exactly what the "central bankers" have always been intent on giving them. That being, indentured servitude.


It wasn't too long ago that, this board examined Ben Graham's proposal for developing a "stored up value" currency with intrinsic value tied to a basket of "commodities."


As for FAIR TRADE, it hurt my heart when they ignored "The Greatest One of Them Alls," plan for developing "trading certificates" as a means of establishing a level playing field between producing nations.


The "CENTRAL BANKERS" across the globe would TOLERATE no such thing, that being, stored value in concert with level playing fields by all inclusive productive nations. 


Fiat money, on the other hand, has greatly benefitted Mr. Buffett, a MASTER of exceeding the INFLATION RATES and corresponding POLLUTION to his nation's currency over time, as a result of his savvy management of his owners' own money supply multiplying many more DOLLARS to their table versus most others'. 



That's my musical fart for this morning. Toot, toot.


Before the creation of the Federal Reserve however, the US saw 16 recessions from 1850 to 1910; they averaged 22 months long. During this time, the U.S. was in recession 60 out of 91 months. Many would argue that the severity of these recessions led to the creation of the Federal Reserve System.

“I think they would be exaggerating what happened before 1913,” Paul responds. “We had some panics …they were usually short and there were no long depressions,” he said. “The Fed creates the bubbles and they are much worse since 1913, if you think of the size of the government and the valuation of the dollar, we are down to about a 2 cent dollar from the 1913 dollar.”


Paul said everyone accuses him of wanting the gold standard but he said he doesn't accept that. “I accept the idea of a gold coin standard and I think we can do much better than what we had," he said. "There was a lot that they did pre-Fed that was not exactly right but we never had a disastrous loss of purchasing power long-term, we didn’t have a great depression, we didn’t have the 1970s with stagflation and we wouldn’t have what we have right now.”


Since the Fed’s creation in 1913 the dollar has lost more than 96% of its value, and by inflating the money supply the Fed continues to distort interest rates and intentionally erodes the value of the dollar said Paul.

Paul’s solution is to not replace the Fed with anything. “It would make the dollar strong… who wants money to be devalued? I want a strong dollar and if it were equivalent to gold it would remain strong.”


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Guest ValueCarl

What is the VALUE of a "currency" if not reflective of the quality of a nations people including the production of their aggregate goods and services by its labor pools?


What does "Made in China" still mostly reflect today, as a side note?


As an after math of DOLLAR HEGEMONY X the globe (Bretton Woods), America has been ceding its producing rights in favor of becoming a consuming nation (deficit nation created by more imports vs. exports), one now void of its former reputation of being a great producer whose currency reflected that fact, as investors X the globe flocked to it in a virtuous cycle which kept its FINANCING COSTS low.


Ron Paul and others X the USA, are not "everyone" nor are the RED CHINESE, it seems. It's a good thing for that! And, it's a good thing that some are still using, "Common Sense."


If we did not live in the MANIPULATED Twilight Zone of "FIAT CURRENCY" now in place, with abominations and machinations being directed by central planning control freaks, a system design where "free markets" hardly exist including the fact that "interest rates" continue to be non reflective of the underlying situation, Americans would see more clearly what is heading straight for them like one of Buffett's Burlington freight trains!


If they had a clue, they'd be throwing those "Money Changers OUT!" so fast  from their Washington Temple, at the same time embracing "solutions" like Dr. Paul and some others are endorsing.


The good news is that, November is fast approaching in order to see if the Americans get it enough to throw the majority of these stupid bought and paid for legislators out on their asses!

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Guest ValueCarl

Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, says depression looms for the economy and that failure to extend the Bush tax cuts for everyone would hasten the process.


“It will be devastating if the (tax) breaks aren’t renewed,” the 2008 presidential candidate told Newsmax.TV.


“That represents a tax increase. It’s the unknown hanging over the market,” he said. The Obama administration and many Democrats in Congress want to renew the cuts only for those with income of less than $200,000.


“I don’t understand how they can think that way. (But) when I see what they’ve done with the medical care bill and the financial reform bill, they’re capable of doing that,” Paul said.



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One doesn't have to be a right winger to be libertarian - they are not necessarily the same.  Ron Paul is the sanest guy out there.  You are absolutely right on regarding his position statements.


Here is a great (20 second) political quiz that scores people on two axis. The vertical axis is libertarian/statist and the horizontal axis is conservative/liberal. One can be a libertarian (small government) liberal - which describes most libertarians I know - or a big government conservative (neocons). The idea that being right wing and being for small government is a false correlation. 


The democrats have traditionally stood for big government so libertarians are against them, but that doesn't mean they agree with the republicans, especially since the republicans are also for big government.



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