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More US Tax Dollars Being Wasted Due to Political Cronyism

Guest ValueCarl

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Guest ValueCarl

NY Congressman Rangel appears angelic compared to this incident. Who works for who when one enlists into government service? And, while handouts come readily off of the doles, how deserving and grateful are the stewards who somehow gain control over such precious resources?


Without a doubt, this is how nations fall and when political revolutions are established. Let the revolution of changing every name possible in November begin! For shame on Barney Frank! One might think he would be a more prudent role model for the gay population he seems to represent. imo


From inside the Maxine Waters' ethics trial case comes the story of the government bailing out a corrupt Boston bank that Waters' husband owned stock in and sat on the board of.

When Kevin Cohee, the CEO and Chairman of OneUnited, asked the government to loan the bank $50 million in TARP funds, it was discovered that Cohee had expensed quite a lifestyle to the bank's account.

According to the Boston Herald, Cohee's car collection (a Porsche, a Jaguar, and more) and his $6.4 million beachfront house had all been paid for by the bank.

Possibly worse, though unrelated, is what allegedly happened inside the house.




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