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Discussions with Rai Sahi and Prem Watsa, and Closing Remarks


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Guest longinvestor

Really good! Thanks.


The highlight for me was Prem's answer to a question from someone who (like a lot of people) believed that "it was different" in the 20's versus now.....meaning lots of technology, innovation now etc. which makes it different! Prem points out that the introduction of autos, radio, telegraphs etc in the 20's was unprecedented innovation as well. The benefits of those innovations continue even today! Who knows what the internet will be like in 50-100 years?


Before watching this something that was gnawing my insides was the seemingly different views of the future held be WEB and PW. Prem clearly shares WEB's view that "10 years out" things will be OK in NA. All of his caution is directed to the next 10 years! This has consistently been Prem/ FFH's investment horizon, especially the hedging strategies. WEB is 10+.


My gut feels OK again.

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