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Warren Buffett's Mr. Fix-It

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Guest longinvestor

It's a significantly good book.  It's also very concise.  I've spoken to Sokol for about 45 minutes a few years ago. He is super smart, sharp, and really clear headed.  He's the real deal.  Buy the book.


Nice to be able to read about the potential heir to the BRK throne...especially the CEO of the operating companies within BRK.

It is hard to miss the generational shift in management style that Sokol brings. The Netjets turnaround is rather telling in this regard. The investing community will have to come to grips with this in the coming years (looks like the insiders of the BRK companies are now awake to this already). Looks like Sokol is onto operational excellence on steroids.


The separation of the management of the operating companies from the business of capital allocation is totally appropriate for the Berkshire since the mid -90's. Someday in the future, books will be written on this smart decision on the part of BRK board. This fact is not fully understood by the rear view mirror looking Mr. Market yet. The urban myth is that people like Sokol could get the CEO reins at some future date while it is already in place and working, without titles and other hoopla.


When everyone is awake to the fact that book value is not the only factor to use for evaluating BRK, the stock price will make the needed adjustment. This makes BRK stock very attractive today.




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It's a significantly good book.  It's also very concise.  I've spoken to Sokol for about 45 minutes a few years ago. He is super smart, sharp, and really clear headed.  He's the real deal.  Buy the book.


Thanks for the article, great read. Also thanks for the book recommendation. I have added it to my growing list.

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