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Buffett beyond value


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I mentioned this in the Buffet Books thread a month or so ago, but I'm about 3 quarters of the way through it. It's a real good book. Certainly not the type of book that's so engaging you can't put it down, but he does describe stuff differently than most of the other Buffett books out there. I definiatley recommend it. Definately among the best Buffet books out there, and I've ready most of them.

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Started reading "Buffett beyond Value" by Prem Jain. Easy to read and digest - the author has provided some good analysis of Buffett methods.


For anyone interested - the first 9 pages of the book are available to read free at Kobo:



Should also be able to do the same with the kobo app on either iPhone or Android 1.6 (Donut or higher).  Alternatively you could try the Borders website and smartphone apps which are run off the same kobo engine.  Then again, I guess you could just go sit your butt down in a Borders, B&N or Indigo -- read what you want (even the entire thing - if you are so inclined) and put it back on the shelf!!

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