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Currency trading


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To the board - I'm looking for insight and ideas


My cousin is a summer intern with a large investment bank's currency trading desk in Hong Kong.  Apparently, the training is pretty cryptic.  Accordingly, I'm looking for some ideas - are there any books, articles, papers, etc that you are aware of that would discuss the introductory elements of currency trading?


Any and all ideas are welcome



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I have a buddy who is a macro trader that recommends this book:




Written by the leader of the number-one-ranked foreign exchange rate research team in the world, this exhaustively researched yet fluid and reader-friendly book covers tools and methodologies used to forecast exchange rates over different timeframes including:


Short-Run--Tools examined include moving-average trend-following trading rules, sentiment and positioning surveys, FX dealer customer-flow data, and more

Medium-Run--Macroeconomic indicators examined include trend in real interest rate differentials, current and capital account balances, relative monetary and fiscal policies, and more

Long-run--Forces that give rise to long-term cycles are discussed, including relative productivity growth; trends in a country's terms of trade, savings, and investment; and more

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