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Anyone Look at CLWR?

Guest valueInv

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Guest longinvestor

Interesting video of iPhone of AT&T versus iPhone on CLWR:

Very interesting.

No wonder AT&T is desperate to manage the bit traffic on it's network. Not a good situation at all competitively.

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I've never delved deeply into CLWR, but it will be interesting to see how Sprint fares with the release of the EVO, which is the first "4G" phone to be released and which runs on the CLWR network. 


Sprint, Comcast, Google, and Intel own stakes in CLWR.  They took their stakes for strategic reasons, I believe.  Who knows -- in Comcast's case they might may eventually bundle mobile Internet connections (CLWR) along with there video services and fixed Internet service.


Note that AT&T will have problems for now, but they are slated to roll out their own 4G technology, LTE, next year.

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