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Help on FFH


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Hi everyone.

Fairly new to the board.. I am looking at buying at some point FFH.

Can someone point out which line of stock to buy? I notice they are listed in US and Canada. Does anyone know the difference.

Thanks in advance.



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On the Canadian side: The volume hasnt been the best so dont expect a super liquid situation right now.

i.e. I have had quite a few trades not get consumated. Some were not full blocks but back in the day most got filled ;) not so much now.

I personally dont like market orders but if you want in maybe the best route.

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I havent moved out of them yet, but the pricing seems to be better than the USD FFH, I have both on my watch lists and the pricing on the OTC stock is typically higher. Liquidity is towards the bottom of my list of concerns, my assets are fairly insignificant to the point that the $75 foreign stock fee is one that's not worth paying.

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For those concerned with margin. 


IB requires the US pink sheets on Fairfax to be fully paid.  (100% margin)

Ameritrade will margin the US pink sheets


IB will provide liquidity against the TSX traded shares.

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