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Cramer did it again!


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Cramer did it again for us.  :D  A day after Cramer told everyone to sell all of their ATSG, ATSG is about to hit another 52-weeks high.  This guy has got to be the laughing stock on CNBC.




Sometimes, I wish the bear market lasted a little bit longer.  That way, viewership would drop, and CNBC would have no choice but to replace him with a totally different show.


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Guest ValueCarl

If there's anything interesting about Bozo's "video," it's the fact that he acknowledges the use of videos like these short clips to capture audiences across the internet's back bone.


A member here directed me to this thread via another venue after I had inquired about this cabal member tied to another stock. That venue blocked me from referencing his affinity towards "video distribution" trends, in my follow up response. So, I am doing it here instead.


Censoring has become commonplace for Yahoo Finance. It's a Nazi dictatorship over there. Sadly, they're not censoring the evil cabal who ride shot gun with impunity. imo       

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