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A discussion on Berkshire Hathaway's valuation

Guest dealraker

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Guest dealraker

OK, this is not a message on "How do you value Berkshire?"  For myself I solved that long ago and while I'm open to thought on the subject it will be of minimal gain to learn more.  However....


My potential thesis- and I'm obviously not sure I believe it myself:


Is it not nearly certain that Berkshire's price to intrinsic value (I HATE that term intrinsic value) will gradually get lower in the years to come?  The business will march along in fine fashion with the stock price lagging the business for some time until a gradual range is set that will be less-to-value than in the past?


I had initially bought Berkshire shares in 1997 or 1998 and have recently sold most of them.  While Mr. Market went nowhere Berkshire stock trippled and the business did even better than the stock. 


Just a discussion possibly.

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