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Professional Athletes going broke......


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I have witnessed first hand some of the excesses that go on with some of these athletes.... mostly in professional hockey.


I know many will not believe this but some of them do not know how to fill out cheques, go to the bank, etc. Many pro athletes pay a couple percent a year of their salary for people to "look" after their finances such as making sure their rent, phone bills, etc are paid! And as you could imagine many get royally fleeced... and I mean fleeced, but they have no idea even if they are being taken or if they are not.


Stealing from babies in a way.... and makes a person sick listening to the stories.

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A foul and his money are soon partied. No exceptions for being able to throw, catch, or dribble a ball.


Its still sad but these guys seem to go out of their ways to surround themselves by idiots. If they went to the local bank and just gave the money to a basic teller, personal banker, wealth manager than they would come out just fine.

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