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Buffett's Personal Portfolio and Dividend Income? Mystery Solved!


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I went back to the original gurufocus article posted by Robert Miles about WEB's purported personal holdings and read it carefully. ( This article was the basis for the subsequent Bloomberg article that calculated Warren's supposed dividend income based on the information about his estimated personal US stockholdings as calculated by Miles using the methodology he described in the gurufocus article )


Miles has a disclaimer at the end of his article that says in self-justifying words that his conclusions are probably BS!  


I don't know if I missed this the first time I read his article or if Miles added this almost retraction later after the article was published.  I suspect the latter because of the weasel wording of his disclaimer.  Miles says that CEO's aren't required to report their personal holdings on the 13F and that the stocks listed in the 13F boxes that he assumed were Warrens personal holdings are likely BRK's pension holdings instead!

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Guest dealraker

I think 95% of the financial articles that we read have significant falsehoods within them.  I am very skeptical of all hedge fund author interpretations particularly.


And I actually think about 99% of the press on Berkshire/Buffett has at least one big error within it.

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