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CitiFinancial, a Citibank Sub, Continuing with LENDING FRAUD?

Guest ValueCarl

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Guest ValueCarl

I'm reporting Citibank to the authorities after receiving a misleading, blatant, fraudulent attempt to assuage call ins with "Pre-Selected" ruses enticing would be debt owners with "fresh start" language that has no references to "MONEY FACTORS" anywhere in the script!


After calling, the rate ranges being quoted for stellar credit worthy players is 14-20 percent per annum!


One of the lines in their fraudulent material says, "you can pay off those irritating bills...." Well, those irritating bills for more stellar, "pre-selected" candidates, ones whom they are targeting, will NOT come with an INTEREST RATE more than fourteen percent per annum!!!!!!!


Citi loaned me at less than two percent forever during the "carry trade" machinations which were prevalent during the housing bubble and prior. I will take forever to pay them back! Discover, on the other hand, was zero forever, and I like them more!   


This is FALSE ADVERTISING at a minimum.


It will take one good citizen against ONE BAD BANKER at a time! imo 

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