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Brick Reports 4th Quarter Results


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Fourth Quarter 2009 Summary:


    -  Consolidated sales and operating revenue of $361.4 million


    -  EBITDA of $30.8 million is the Brick Group's highest reported

        quarterly EBITDA in its history


    -  Net income of $12.2 million or $15.3 million before $2.8 million in

        amortization of warrant issuance costs, related to the Fairfax letter

        of credit facility, valued using the binomial option pricing model

        and severance costs


    -  $69.2 million Asset Based Credit Facility undrawn and available at

        December 31, 2009


    -  $19.5 million cash and cash equivalents at December 31, 2009


    -  $72.3 million reduction in accounts payable and accrued liabilities

        from December 31, 2008


    -  Corporate same store sales growth of 4.9% in December 2009, and

        preliminary corporate same store sales growth of 4.2% in January and

        5.2% in February 2010


Historically, 4th quarter is about 28% of sales.


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