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Hamblin Watsa, etal, Ready to Take Stevie Cohen, etal, To The Wood Shed?

Guest ValueCarl

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Guest ValueCarl

Should they do it partially through (3), that will be fine by me. Referenced to my Yahooligan friends earlier.


Re: Where Are The Shares(The Stevie Cohen Question)?


I asked where Stevie Cohen was earlier today? Bernie Schaeffer and I seem to have located him here! FWIW, the charts I have studied have determined NO RESISTANCE above the $1.60 mark until certain MANIPULATION and RESISTANCE has been created recently! Gly on IV board is correct. Crowe, etal, must get RID of this SCUM for good!!!!!!!!!! Should they move QUICKLY enough as I expect, these few million shares Stevie and the CABAL are scrambling for, will be insufficient to offset their HUGE SHORT STAKE on the FLOAT. Let's get it done! IMO


While traders may very well be buying new calls at this strike today, it's not necessarily indicative of bullish speculation. Short interest on LVLT jumped by 9.2% during the most recent reporting period, and these pessimistic bets now represent a noteworthy 7.1% of the stock's float. With so many short sellers piling on, it's possible that traders are buying out-of-the-money calls simply to hedge their bearish stock positions.


On the charts, LVLT is off 1.9% this afternoon. The shares are retreating from stubborn resistance near $1.65, which has rejected all of the stock's rally attempts since mid-September 2009.






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