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Good books/websites for learning about Options pricing (e.g. S&P Puts)


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So I mainly research & select funds, but I want to expand the old circle of competence in this environment & have the option of buying Puts etc. for protection.


I passed CFA Level 1 ages ago & can't remember much about the Options stuff there.  Should I just re-read my notes?  Or is there a good book/website for learning stuff that explains it simply for busy people, so I don't buy outrageously overpriced Puts etc.


Many thanks for your help.

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Not sure whether or not this will be helpful for you, but the most important concept to get comfortable with is implied volatility, which is basically a shorthand way of comparing the option market's expectation for the size of the range of future outcomes for stock prices. Once you have a basic understanding of what it means, you can start comparing implied volatilities among different options the same way folks compare stocks on their favorite valuation ratios.

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