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Overload - Arthur Hailey


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I just bought this for $1.99 and will read it after I finish Heinlein's "Star Beast", (for the 3rd time).


Looks like it might be interesting for anyone who wants to learn more about the utility industry while being entertained.


Overload by Arthur Hailey


"In the middle of a sweltering July heat wave that has no end in sight, California’s Golden State Power and Light is on overload. An emergency brownout is already in effect. Then, GSP&L’s newest and largest generator explodes. With four people dead and a widespread loss of power, a fringe group takes responsibility. But for GSP&L vice president Nim Goldman and his family; his adversary, investigative reporter Nancy Molineaux; detective Harry London; and beautiful quadriplegic Karen Sloan, whose every breath depends on electric power, the terror is just beginning . . .

A dramatic and timely story of the people and the events leading to a crisis, 
Overload presents a fascinating view of the little-known world of electric power production that is vital to contemporary life." 




I wasn't sure whether to put this here or in the BHE or Worth Buying Now threads.

Ultimately, it's a book so...

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