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Get all financial data you need in Excel and Google Sheets

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Hi all,

My friends and I recently started Finsheet, which provides financial data for spreadsheet users.

We have real-time and historical stock price for global stocks going back 30+ years. For US stocks, our data is intra-day (1 minute resolution) while the other markets have end-of-day data.

Our data also include global stock fundamentals (balance sheet, income statement, cashflow statement), analyst estimates (EPS, revenue) and financial ratios.

We have both Excel and Google Sheets add-ons. They are super easy to use and require no coding at all.

Since we just launched, the website is totally free right now. You have access of all of our features. You just need to register an account and install the add-on to get started. 

I really appreciate if you guys can check it out and provide any feedback you have so that I can improve the website better. Thanks in advance.

If this post is considered as spam, I apologize. If that's the case, mods please let me know, I will delete my post.

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