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Insurance on share certificates - Wells Fargo is advising to insure for 2 pct of value.  So, nominal $4000 per old B share, 2 pct would be $80 of insurance purchased.  Should not be too costly.  I assume the 2 pct is lost-certificate deductable which individual investor would incur.  However, it seems to me from other stuff read in past years, that individual is liable for 5 pct of value.  So not clear on that.  Anyway, planning to follow the advisory and insure for 2 pct.


Years ago, when I went to post office to send certificates, they had a special procedure called "money packet".  Special tracking of custody within the postal system.  Don't know if that is still in place.  And was Canadian post office, sending to US address.  Anyway, ask.  An acquaintance routinely mailed precious gemstones thru US postal service, in past years!  It is pretty secure.

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