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Munger's Mental Models -- "The Little Book of Behavioral Investing"


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Read another very good book over the weekend. If you are a fan of Munger's Mental Models, than you will love "The Little Book of Behavioral Investing".


The `Little Book' series continues to produce good work as this 10th installment is an exceptional introductory to our mental traps and pitfalls we tend to repeat. The book is a quick and enjoyable read and is very clear with only the minimal amount of psychology jargon. This book comes highly recommended for any bookshelf on how to invest better and make better decisions. Though there are seventeen chapters, a sample of the first few chapters and mental traps and potential solutions are as follows:


Chapter 1 - Paralysis/Pre-Commitment

Chapter 2 - Fear/Risk Aversion

Chapter 3 - Overoptimism

Chapter 4 - Authority Respect/Overconfidence

Chapter 5 - Anchoring

Chapter 6 - Information Overload/Checklists

Chapter 7 - Reason Respecting

Chapter 8 - Conformational Bias






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