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Beneficiaries of the vaccine roll-out


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On the assumption that the current vaccine candidates get regulatory approval and are cleared for a mass roll out the next challenge will be logistics and distribution.

Which companies are going to benefit from rising to that challenge?


Potential ideas are:


Lab Corp on the idea that a lot of testing is going to be required to make sure that the vaccine takes and we get antibodies.


C.H.Robinson on the idea that they could be involved in some of the logistics e.g. freight/shipping etc.


CVS/Walgreens on the idea they could be part of the solution


Cigna on the idea that I'm guessing health insurers are also part of the solution.


McKesson already distributes a lot of flu vaccines so you'd imagine they'd be heavily involved with Covid distribution


And more of a long shot but could some of the airlines get a lot of incremental revenues carrying vaccines?


I've had a look at the stocks mentioned above and while they have recovered to pre-COVID highs that was before this market opportunity.



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