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Real World Social Experiment of Work From Home Trend


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Since there has been a lot of discussion of the work from home movement.  I want to present a real world experiment of whether people will actually transact on arbitraging on cheaper locations.  For those that live in Queens, Brooklyn, or Manhattan, and can now work from home on a permanent basis, I have a spare bedroom in a beach house (in the Rockaway which is just south of JFK)

that will free up in the next 4 months.  Could be earlier, but will likely be 4 months.  It is a 3 bedroom 2 bath duplex with washer/dryer, small back yard for BBQ, garage, and parking passes in a well manicured community.  We are the 3rd house from the beach.  People surf year around here.  The subway is a 3 minute walk and a 55 minute ride to lower Manhattan and about 40-45 mins to Downtown Brooklyn.  So the Duplex is about 1,500-1,600 sqft on the ground and second floor.  For those of us that have lived in shoe boxes in NYC, this is a very different change. 


Here is the real shocker, I am asking $950 for the bedroom.  Shares like these are at least $1,500 elsewhere in NYC and likely over $2,000 in Manhattan.  Are there takers?  Are people curious?  Yes, this is a shameless plug as I would like to have 1 roommate to share to help with the mortgage.  I will mostly use the beach house as an office.  Who doesn't want to run their fund from a beach house? I am also open minded to people who maybe interested in some sort of a value investing share at the beach house.  So you can live in a cramped shoebox in Manhattan, LIC, Astoria, Carroll Garden, or you can be on the beach for $1,000 for a real bedroom in a 3 bed/2 bed duplex with its own washer dryer and permitted parking.   


Pre-Covid, I was already betting on a long term WFH trend.  I thought that software coders, freelance web design, HF managers, etc will increasingly want to live on the beach.  It used to be a pain to get into the city.  But if you only need to be in the city for 1-2 days a week, this seems like a great option.  Thoughts, feedbacks, appreciated. 

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