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Ghost Town??


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I'm in Ohio  and leadership has been pretty aggressive here (relative to other states). I think we were one of the first to close down schools. I went out yesterday and, except for some empty shelves at the grocery store, things seemed pretty normal.

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I'm in Poland, one of the most locked-down countries in Europe outside Italy. They did it early too. People here are calm, only the rare oddball wearing a mask or buying cartloads at the store. People are going about their daily lifes. But they are practicing social distancing which is good to see. Everyone is keeping a distance at the stores, public transport is being used, but people sit as far apart as they can. everyone who can work from home already is. Those that can't, go to work. All the grocery stores/banks/clinics are staffed.


Overall, it's kinda nice, in an unfortunate kind of way. Life has just slowed down, compared to the usual hectic pace of western life. I think with the current measures put in place (and I mean the ones put in place globally over the last 48 hours), the outcome on main street will be less severe than many feared. As far as how much is already priced into the markets, well that's the million-dollar question.

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