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Long term effects of Corona Virus?


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Hey all:


It appears that the stock market is down bigly and gold is up.  The reason given is that the Corona Virus is starting to have negative effects on the world economy.


So obviously there are going to stock market gyrations.  What is going to be interesting are the long term effects.


For example, I think this will damage China's manufacturing base, as international companies look to move/disperse and accelerate manufacturing outside of China.


Could it have societal impacts inside China?  For example, will "wet markets" get regulated more?  Will they have higher/better sanitary conditions?


Then you might have political fallout.  There are a LOT of disgruntled Chinese citizens.  There have been some videos that must be absolutely hair raising to the Communist Party in China.  People calling for accountability and change. 


What if the virus is found out to have come from a government lab?  A lot of people are going to be upset about that, both inside & outside of China.


I am sure I am overlooking or not aware of a bunch of stuff.


Anybody got any ideas to add?

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Guest cherzeca

I think the knock on effects will be felt more by china, and less by other nations, than one might first think.  how can you choose to source new supply from china after this episode (which is clearly a pandemic in china and I expect will not be a major issue elsewhere).  china's GDP will have an immediate shock but also a longer term slowing of growth.  you can deep six that Silk Road project.  there will internal political repercussions.

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