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Stupidest investments of 2019


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I bought Core Labs based entirely on historical ROIC's,

thinking that I'd picked a bottom on price & industry activity.


To compound the error, I averaged down a bit on the initial drop last year.

I've successfully resisted the urge to BTFD since the dividend cut.


CLB had been on my watchlist for a long time, much like NVO had been,

and I was attracted to their stellar historical ROE's & ROIC's.


The big difference is that CLB's market is a basket case

whereas NVO's is growing albeit with potential problems

regarding governmental interventions.


I've owned VDE since 2016 & added when it dipped in 2019.

I'm not in it for a quick gain but if it were to pop on some earth

shattering news event, I'd sell & watch for another drop.

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