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Cisco versus ServiceNow


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Is this growth versus value or just imbeciles who want to play Cinderella until the clock strikes twelve.


At today's $283 share price, never-profitable NOW had a market cap of $56 billion at a P/S of 17.3.


Meanwhile, CSCO pays a dividend yield of 3.1% and is at a P/E of 14.


CSCO was available at an EV of $48 billion in 2012! If you want to bet on which company will be around 20 years from now, you can be sure CSCO will still be the dominant networking company whereas ServiceNow may be displaced by some other AWS app.


Nobody is making companies that compete with CSCO whereas "cloud" startups are a dime a dozen (not exactly a dime, because they are able to raise giant sums of venture capital).




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