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A Question about InteractiveBrokers and FFH.TO/FFH-U.TO


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I understand some of you have done the so called "North Bound Transfer Request" with InteractiveBrokers. I called them and found out that they can only do the transfer into FFH.TO, but not FFH-U.TO. Is this the case? If so, what are the implications if any to use FFH.TO in terms of dollar conversions? What I worry about is that I have to do dollar conversions back and forth. I would appreciate your comments.



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Thank you for your comment hero.


OK, At the time of sale, I will receive CAD dollars, which can be higher or lower depending on the exchange rate at the time. Or, I convert FFH.TO back to FRFHF.PK at $11 cost and then sel it. That way, I will not need to receive CAD dollars, I will get US dollars directly.


So basically, we will still have a choice at the time of sale.


Additionally, there seems to be a desirable side effect in all of these: I will be able to keep the value constant regardless of the exchange rate of Cad/US dollars and come out with a free choice that can be favorable to my currency. Darn cool.



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