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Brookfield Infratructure Partners (BIP)


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Wanted to run this entity by the board to see if anybody has insight on it. This is a MLP managed by Brookfield (for a 1.25% market cap annual managment fee) and is invested in various infrastructure assets(http://www.brookfieldinfrastructure.com/_resources/BIP%20Map%20of%20Operations.pdf).


They just made a major acquisition funded by a private offering and have released a bunch of pro-forma numbers for what they believe their cash flow from operations and book value is. The presentation is located here: http://www.brookfieldinfrastructure.com/_resources/BIP_November_2009_Profile.pdf


I'm a novice investor and am finding it hard to get a sense for what the annual capex for a partnership like this would be and also unsure as to how to value an MLP where increased cashflows result in a greater amount of cash going to the General Partner (BAM). Any insight about these sorts of entities or BIP in general?

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