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Searching through the Pink Sheets


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I've recently started to look at pink sheets for some investing ideas and have a few questions on how you guys recommend going through all the companies there.  In looking at pinksheets.com, i found that you can download all 8000 or so companies there, and view what OTC market tier they are in.  Is there a good way to start filtering for only companies that have atleast some minimum filing, data, etc..  Just looking for a starting point, and wondering what your guys initial filters are (or is it simply a matter of "starting at 'A'" as buffett says). 


Also does anyone know the kind of overlap between the mergent manual (unlisted securites version) and the pink sheets?  Thanks!



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Not a lot to add, but I would say that I am interested in any searching strategies that others use.


Most of my approach so far has been ad hoc.  I use news readers and then filter for certain search terms--e.g., going private, reverse split, tender offers, bankruptcy, earnings release, etc.  I figure that I have only picked through 300 in the last year.  If you say 8000, then I need to get more serious.



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