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I noticed that finance twitter has absolutely exploded in the last few years.  I particularly like Bluegrass's tweets. Liberty, from this board, is pretty active as well.  Anyone else that I should follow? 


Any updated PodCast list that is particularly good? 


As far as events go, I thought that the Casulo event was quite good.  At $1,000 for the day, it is meant to be curated.  This means that you don't have to sit through Seth Klarman talking about why passion, drive, and stoicism are great traits to a bunch of college/MBA students. 

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Look through who Liberty & Blugrass follow (there are others here who are equally as good but it'd take forever to list them.)


Basically just find accounts you like & back-trail who they follow.


FinTwit is definitely worthwhile & if you mute political keywords it will make your feed a lot more focused.


I also block anyone who consistently posts politico-nonsense.

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