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Brick Groups Preliminary 4th Quarter Sales


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More good news for Fairfax....




Highlights *


- December 2009 total retail sales increased 9.1% compared to December



- December 2009 retail same store sales increased by 4.9% compared to

December 2008.


- Fourth quarter total retail sales improved significantly, with a

decline of 1.9% compared with declines of 18.7%, 29.3% and 13.8% in

the first, second and third quarters respectively, of 2009.


- In the retail segment, fourth quarter same store sales decline over

the comparable period in 2008 was 7.3% compared with declines of

21.9%, 33.0% and 19.0% in the first, second and third quarters

respectively, of 2009.


- The Brick Group's cash and liquidity position strengthened with zero

borrowings under the GE asset-based credit facility and $68.0 million

undrawn and available for use under this facility at December 31,



- Cash and cash equivalents totaled approximately $18.0 million at

December 31, 2009.

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