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Buffett Interview on 03/28/2019


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Buffett did an interview with Becky Quick today discussed a number of topics including:


Delta: went above 10% threshold by accident after Delta did a buy back.


Apple: can't predict if new services will work but Apple can afford a few mistakes.


Lyft: recommends average investors do not buy IPO's in hot markets


Economy: still growing but not quite as fast.


Real estate lawsuit: shrugs off concerns






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...and he said that once Delta announced how much they had bought back and now Berkshire found themselves above the 10% stake, he thought he might as well buy some more now they were obliged to disclose it anyway (presumably within the 3-day window). I imagine having bought about $150m around the time of the announcement, taking him to 10.10% he decided to buy another $116m worth, taking the stake to 10.44% (see my post on the Look-Through thread).


I imagine he might consider staying at the current holding and not reducing to keep below 10% (thus it will gradually rise as DAL buys back stock), or he might decide to sell some around the time that his holdings would be about to be revealed anyway, such as the dates of 10-Q or 13-F filings to get back below 10%.

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