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I have a beginner/intermediate understanding of Class 1 railways.  It seems that UNP is doing a very good job of running its company. 


I would like to hear what the opinions are on UNP vs. BNSF strategy and capital deployment?  It seems that UNP has a higher focus on driving down the Operating Ratio than BNSF.  But that is just one difference.  It might be that BRK had some remediation to do with BNSF that I am not aware of to get it up to par with UNP..  [i dunno.]


What do you guys think?  Feel free to Monday Morning Quarterback your opinion and analysis.



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I thought this was a compelling argument that UNP is overearning perhaps due to underinvesting in their business at least according to the outgoing BNSF executive chairman and ex-CEO. I just sold my UNP stock (acquired in 2016) and will wait to pick it up much cheaper again if the economic cycle turns down soon.



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