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Run a small fund in NYC? interested in joining forces? or just shootin' the shit

Shooter MacGavin

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I run a small fund but i think it can be possibly be improved with the right partner so that we can combine resources and brains in terms of investment ideas as well as marketing muscle and enhancing our process and credibility.


An ideal partner would be interested in concentrating in long only ideas and would already be running at least ~$10M in AUM and in the NYC tristate area. If you meet the above criteria and are interested in talking/meeting please PM me. 


Please note, I'm not interested in hiring anyone. This is strictly about two peers combining forces if it makes sense.


Alternatively, if you're run a fund in NYC and are interested just in meeting up once in a while to talk stocks over coffee, please PM me as well. Just getting different perspectives and getting out of our bubbles would hopefully be mutually beneficial.

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