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The Elephant in the Brain: Hidden Motives in Everyday Life - Robin Hanson


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With co-author Kevin Simler but that didn't fit in the title.


I saw that there is a thread on Caplan's book, so in the name of signalling theory, Hanson's book from this year deserves its own too.


Recommended for everyone but especially righteous people with pure motives.




Interview about the book:


Hanson's blog: http://www.overcomingbias.com/


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Let me signal my virtue by saying that I signal on a daily basis.


Right now I'm trying to signal "yield" to a woman at the bar who undoubtedly lost her virtue decades ago.


Actually, I'm signaling "hey, I'm a really busy guy, look at me on my phone."


Crap, this can get really confusing.


How do you signal, I'm not a poser?

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