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India investing


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Looks like the small-cap/mid-cap sector in India has dropped a lot. It has a stable democracy and a good growth rate. One can buy ETFs such as SMIN or INDA. Watsa's vehicle ThomasCook India has dropped by 20% in constant currency and close to 30% against the USD.


Looks like one can also open a brokerage account in India as a US Citizen.




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According to this, one can go through the QFI route. Looks like tradeplus will do the paper work.


US citizens can invest is one of two ways. One is through the person of India origin route. Others should go through the QFI (qualified foreign investor) route.




Here is a blog on how to do it - may be this brokerage will also handle the paperwork:




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Here are some other interesting ideas.


Rain industries => P/E of 5

Dwarikesh Sugar => P/E of 7

South Indian Bank => P/B of 0.5

Piramal  => P/B of 1.3

IIFL  => P/E of 13


Can you share some insights into your thinking on IIFL? Fairfax Indias investment in it hasn't panned out so good.

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